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Religious Films

I’m now watching Stigmata, with Patricia Arquette and Gabriel Byrne, and my friend Craig has asked me whether films about religion make me feel religious. So now I’m writing about it. The answer is that they don’t. I watch them as fantasy films, just like I’d watch something like Lord of the Rings or Star Wars. I’m not religious at all. I don’t like religion, although I respect the rights of people to believe in their own shit, and I don’t like what religion can inspire people to do. When I watch a film about religion, the religion becomes a part of the story like any other plot device can do.

The one thing I’ve seen that makes me wonder about religion and faith and all that kind of nonsense is Battlestar Galactica. I’ve not watched much of the show, but in the second episode a character says something that made me question what happens after life. But even that didn’t make me feel religious; it just made me think about stuff, get depressed, and turn the TV off. In Stigmata now, Gabriel Byrne just said “When Christ died on the cross, he died with five wounds.” Maybe there was a man called Jesus Christ, and maybe he was crucified. No-one can deny that that is possible. What bothers me is that people believe that this guy was magic. And that his wounds can be passed to devout Catholics and, in the case of Patricia Arquette, devout atheists.  It angers me that otherwise intelligent people allow themselves to believe it. But, like I say, it’s up to them and if they want to go with it, that’s not really my problem.

Religious stuff aside, I like Stigmata. It’s pretty enjoyable. The soundtrack, by Billy Corgan, is great. Gabirel Byrne and Patricia Arquette both put in good shifts, and talking of Gabriel Byrne, I really like that his character, Andrew Kiernan, isn’t a typical full-on Jesus-loving superpriest. He does his thing, but he still wants to fuck Patricia Arquette.

Anyway, I came on here to say that religion fucks me off. But I like Stigmata. And it doesn’t make me feel religious.

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