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Ben Affleck

Given that his new directorial effort The Town is out this Friday (in the UK), I thought I would use my blog to show my appreciation for Ben Affleck. I just happened across this article, suggesting that Affleck is a better director than actor. Having not seen The Town as yet I can only comment in terms of his 2007 effort Gone Baby Gone, which was, of course, an incredible first go at directing. By all accounts, The Town is just as good, if not better, so perhaps he is a great director and has a great career ahead of him. I have a problem with the amount of criticism that Affleck gets as an actor.

I’m not going to claim that he is the Marlon Brando of the 21st-century, or the Laurence Olivier of his generation, but he can do a job better than many, and is fairly versatile. Look at some of his earlier performances; Boiler Room, Dogma and Good Will Hunting are all great examples of what Affleck can do, as are some his later efforts in the likes of Hollywoodland and State of Play. Even in bad films, he hasn’t been awful, and there have been plenty of bad films in his career, and that has been his problem. Between 2001 and 2004 he picked some terrible scripts, and his career suffered for them. However, from 2006 onwards he has, with the exception of He’s Just Not That Into You, invaribaly been involved in good movies.

Here’s why I like him: he seems like a nice guy. When I watch him in a movie, I enjoy watching him because I can see that he is enjoying himself. I’ve never lost sight of the fact that I’m watching Ben Affleck when I see one of his movies, which I would see as a negative for most actors, but not for Affleck. I just cannot help but enjoy watching him.


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